GAMMA-37 / by Ben Ortiz

GAMMA-37 is a veritable Bermuda Triangle in space. Countless species from across the galaxy have found themselves marooned on this barbaric world over the centuries, not many survive, even less escape. If the feral natives don’t get you then the desperate new arrivals looking to stay alive by any means necessary will. War is a constant here, disease and hunger are ever present, the only way off this hell-world is via a working ship with a functional warp drive. Enter Dylan Crowe, captain of the cargo vessel Acheron Drift. Born on Mars, Dylan is a total space rat: no nonsense, prone to take chances any “Earffer” would find insane, and he’s the ultimate survivor. Gamma-37 may have just met its match. 

GAMMA-37 is a concept that I've had for a long time and I'm finally ready to start telling the tale. I'll start posting the introduction storyline to Dylan Crowe next Sunday the 24th with new pages every Sunday after that. Once the intro story is done we get into the GAMMA-37 planet storyline. I'm pretty excited about this new venture and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all. I will be posting additional art and supplemental materials on Instagram, j.benortiz, and will let you know when I have a dedicated page for this as well.

So that's it! Hope you all enjoy it, check back next week. 

Peace and thank you all!